5 of the Best Clash of Clans Tips for Beginners

If you love playing Clash of Clans, odds are you already have had your reasonable share of good as well as bad experiences in the Clan Battles. In this article we’ll discuss 5 important tips which you must consider in order to win different Clan Battles.


Create a Strategy


Your aim in these battles is to grow your stars & stars are very necessary to win the clan battle. You can skip the resources since they hardly mean anything currently. There are 3 things which can help you grow you stars: destroying the Town Hall of your competitor, destroying their base completely & destroying at least half of their base. Getting 3 stars can be very complicated if you don’t know about Clash of clans hack. Because this is one major factor in the raids. Ensure you plan on how you will be dropping all the troops off a base. Keep a few units for the last part of the battle which will aim at the Town Hall.


Managing the War Base


Design your war base in such a way that the Town Hall remains safe from the enemy. Most time, you’ll be attacked by other gamers who’re at a superior level as compared to you. Hence, your plan must be to sensibly arrange all your defenses such that all the routes leading towards the middle of your base stay protected. You will be able to request units which would protect your Clan Castle & the War Base. You may also swap the elements from your Clan Castle in case you opt for any other thing.


First Attack


Everybody inside your clan should have a special object for your initial raid. There is no point if you & another clan friend attack the same enemy since only the best one is likely to be counted. After the initial raid, strategize your second target immediately. Again, do not forget to notify others about your next aim. Also, ensure that you take advantage of the replay about the most effective attack on every base. Adjust your plan if required & if you encounter there can be more dominant troops.


Practice Regularly


In case you already know a possible base which you would like to attack, at times, it can be a wise idea to exercise on the base simply to check whether your plan would be effective. This might delay you for some days however if you want to earn 3 stars without clash of clans hack then take this into account for a definite attack.


Going All Out


The rewards for the Clan Wars are better than if you are attacking for resources. Hence even if your base seems quite fragile, ensure to go with full power – in the end, your whole clan will be profiting from every star that you gain. Pay close attention towards the Clan Castle troops because most times they might be greater than what you’re expecting. Hence, sending a single unit to attract the troops out will not help you out.